Friday, November 6, 2009

'eh rebyata

I can't stop listening to this:

Tree, Bosier_Ракеты полетели

Tree, Bosier | MySpace Video

The band is called Derevo, Bo'je in Russian and they're from a town called Khabarovsky, a town whose location inside Russia near the Chinese border all but guarantees that it is a terrifying place. I found the band though a blog called Far From Moscow (, hosted by the department of Slavic Languages and Literature and controlled by this lean fellow with the piercing gaze:

I want to know what he has to say about music, don't you? Finding his project reminds me of the year (or two or three) that my online procrastination at work consisted almost exclusively of listening to Akvarium on headphones while following along to the translated lyrics on the Bohdisattvas of Babylon website. Sorry, editors of Time Out New York. There is so much amazing new music in Russia and most of the rest of us will never, ever hear it. Until now, thanks to UCLA. The site is broken down into categories like folk and ambient and has postings on Russian rock royalty as well, such as Akvarium and Mumiy Troll....

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